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Need to plan your personal finances so you receive maximum returns? Get all tax benefits available to you, plan for your retirement or plan your estate. The experts at SMS Services will work for you and ensure you succeed!

Personal Financial Planning
Estate Planning
Retirement Planning
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Plan to build and preserve personal wealth

SMS Services provides you with personalized attention and a comprehensive financial plan, tailor made for you, to help build and preserve personal wealth.

Personal Investment Strategies and Options – Short, Medium and Long term
We not only help you create personal financial milestones but also help you reach them. Our unparalleled service and extensive experience help benefit high net worth individuals and families alike.

Identifying and Achieving financial goals
We help you identify and build financial goals that are relevant to you. We then support your goals with a sound plan analysis and lay out implementation strategies that are feasible. We also provide consistent follow up and review to ensure you are on track to achieving your financial goals

Sound Tax Planning
A key component to building and preserving personal wealth is understanding and adopting a good tax planning strategy. The current tax environment is considerably fluid, and you would need to be well positioned to ride this wave of change. Allow the taxation gurus at SMS Services to ensure you are always availing of every applicable tax benefit while remaining in compliance.

Insurance and Risk Management
Another key component that ensures you protect the wealth you build is the availing of correct insurance coverage. This strategic choice could prove to be a game changer. Trust SMS Services to keep you covered on this front as well.

Retirement Preparation
The professionals at SMS Services will help you estimate your retirement income and expenses to enable you to determine your retirement savings needs. We help you lay out goals and identify necessary decisions to achieve them through asset and risk management and participating in savings programs with the best possible returns. We also help you plan on the distribution of available funds during your retirement years and leave nothing to chance.

Estate Planning
It is a wonderful feeling to know your future generations have been provided for and will benefit from the wise decisions you make today. SMS Services will review and ensure your Estate and Gift plans will not be affected by tax laws that could adversely impact your plans. We also work with you on Wealth Transfers, Family partnerships and other business relationships and Philanthropic giving.

Succession Planning
Succession planning for any family business is as important a strategic decision as any other. The earlier such plans are formalized the better for the business. Allow SMS Services to help you plan and communicate your business succession plans with stakeholders and ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Allow SMS Services to evaluate your financial plans, review your retirement goals and ensure you avail of maximum tax benefits while you face life confident that your retirement is well secured and planned for.

We help you minimize costs of probate, creditors, lawyers and estate taxes that could negatively impact your Estate Planning. SMS Services helps you to always remain in control!


At SMS Services, we leverage our knowledge and expertise to develop personalized financial plans that are goal oriented. All financial plans are infused with the best tax strategies and include insurance coverage while focusing on investments and savings. Allow our advisors to keep track of your progress and provide you with periodic evaluations.

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