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Audits & Reviews

Audits & Reviews

At SMS Services, we are committed to earning your highest level of confidence and trust - because we understand that an audit provides the highest level of assurance. We leverage our vast business knowledgebase and maintain absolute transparency to allow well-informed decision making.

SMS Services

Financial Audits

Financial Audits

SMS Services provides an independent objective evaluation of your organization’s financials and reporting processes. Investors, company management and regulators have the need to know if your financial statements are accurate and in order.

SMS services understands that every business requires customized attention based on unique requirements. Our professional team delivers just that, along with the advantages of employing consistent methodologies. Their significant experience in various sectors of business coupled with transactional knowledge helps achieve the highest quality of deliverables.

IRS/BOE/EDD Audits & Appeals

An audit always brings with it the element of stress. Any audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Board of Equalization (BOE) for Sales Tax or the Employment Development Department (EDD) must certainly carry a great deal of stress and a multitude of questions!

SMS Services understand this and is here to assist you through the process. Over the years SMS Services has provided counsel and representation to those who have found themselves in the center of such probes and helped them avoid making costly mistakes. Allow the SMS Services team to help you too –

• Review and comply with the pre-audit questionnaire
• Set up audit appointment
• Review and comply with audit documentation request
• Provide professional advice and representation

Need to appeal, what you believe is an incorrect decision or the use of incorrect facts? SMS Services is available to provide you professional advice and representation and review facts and documentation to ensure you have the correct guidance and information needed.

The SMS Services global audit team combines a progressive agile approach with traditional accounting competencies to transform every engagement into an accomplishment.

SMS Services aims at promoting trust and confidence with every independent audit performed.

Audits & Reviews
IRS Representation

At SMS Services we understand the importance of an auditor’s role. Audit committees, stake holders and investors rely on their reports and assessments. That is why Integrity, commitment and excellence remain the pillars that support the high-quality audits we perform.

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